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NOV212017 157.JPG

Beautiful early 19th century
wine glass

NOV212017 240.JPG

NOV212017 243.JPG

NOV212017 242.JPG

Fine American folk art 19th
century tavern sign with a carved
eagle and shield above the name
 P. Chick  The wood is pine and the
  eagle is on a branch clutching arrows
with the body depicting the U.S. shield
Remnants of the original paint
Listed on the inventory of
CT tavern signs
Impressive measuring 37 ht x 26 wide
(we used a flash to show the
detail in this picture)
Please email for more information

NOV2132017 002.JPG

NOV2132017 001.JPG

Cute little rusty metal and glass
lanterns have a flicker
battery operated flame
(these look good in windows or
on a covered porch as I have
displayed them with pine in urns)
Sale Pending

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