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Christmas 2016
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oct162017 306.JPG

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Fabulous antique set of 4 William and Mary
style side chairs and 2 arm chairs
Very sturdy.   1550.00 for the 6
(seat fabric very easy to change if
you want an even earlier look!)
See other pictures and please
email for more information!

oct162017 232.JPG

oct162017 231.JPG

oct162017 238.JPG

There is a pair of these primitive benches
I purchased some 10 years ago
from Olde Glory in Ohio.
These look great with a farm house
table or separately in a hall,
foyer, or on a covered porch.
Sale price~250.00 each
(original cost 900.00 each!!!)

oct162017 266.JPG

oct162017 268.JPG

Every period home needed a fire
bucket and this is one of my favorites
in early black leather and great wear!
  These display so well on beams
next to the fireplace or by
the front door  495.00

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