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Christmas 2016
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july182017 210.JPG

july182017 209.JPG

A wonderful 18th century mule chest
in the original bittersweet wash,
handplaning, snipe hinges, huge t
and rosehead nails
(pulls replaced)
From our collection~originally
purchased for 5000.00 way back when,
this chest is now reduced to 2695.00!!!
It is a wonderful piece to any collection!

august72017 019.JPG

august72017 016.JPG

august72017 015.JPG

august72017 017.JPG

august72017 021.JPG

19th century English miniature sauce
tureen with beautiful bird
and floral design  225.00
Pewter miniature ladle 38.00
(this would be so sweet to serve 
  soup in, so why not start a collection,
each guest gets served a different pattern!)

august72017 006.JPG

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