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feb142018 073.JPG

From our collection~early leather and
 wood lady shoes  495.00

feb142018 079.JPG

feb142018 083.JPG

A wonderful and fine early portrait on
board of a handsome young gent in
  the original frame  (provenance)

feb142018 109.JPG

feb142018 099.JPG

feb142018 095.JPG

feb142018 106.JPG

A truly amazing one of a kind survivor!
Little early wallpaper doll trunk from the
18th/early 19th century (measures a
mere 3 1/2 x 2ht x 2 1/2 depth)
Hand stitched removable tray and lined in
  paper from an early Farmer's Almanac

feb142018 131.JPG

A fabulous early pewter apostle spoon

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