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dec112017 483.JPG

dec112017 484.JPG

Very early yarn winder we have
used as a candle dryer
Wonderful surface and displays
well with a flax wheel or on a
cupboard top, grain bin or blanket chest
Sale price~425.00
(originally 695.00!!!~
candles not included)

dec112017 515.JPG

dec112017 518.JPG

Beautiful fine 19th century Family
Record needlework silk on linen in
the original gilded frame
Beautiful colors and fine
detailed stitching
Sale price~495.00
(Originally 995.00!!!~in great condition,
sorry for the reflection of
light in the one picture)

dec112017 217.JPG

dec112017 219.JPG

dec112017 214.JPG

Early leather valuables box with
beautiful worn dark leather and
original tacks, hand painted interior
paper lining and original
hardware and hinges
Sale price~250.00
Displays well on a table or early desk!
(originally 495.00!!!)

dec112017 461.JPG

Early 19th century brass candle stick
Sale price~95.00

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