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Christmas 2017
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NOV62017 257.JPG

NOV62017 276.JPG

Wonderful 18th century chest in
original paint and the best wear
(ex. Susan Mackay)
(please note hinges were replaced
with leather at some time)
For more information or
pricing please email

NOV62017 220.JPG

NOV62017 228.JPG

NOV62017 219.JPG

A beautiful pair of 19th century
English wax portraits
(note the intricate detail!)
Sale price~1095.00
(originally 1195.00!!!)
(We have added a vintage ribbon)

NOV62017 136.JPG

NOV62017 133.JPG

NOV62017 135.JPG

Everyone needs a top hat to display
for the Holidays!
This one is 19th century, beaver, and
has good old wear!  225.00

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